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…the giant hug…

amy contacted me about family pictures some time during the winter, however she wanted to wait until the spring and i’m so glad that we did. their home is absolutely a dream. it has a white wrap around porch, a large front yard, beautiful peonies flowers and their little man loves it out there.  i built a fort and brought some crayons and drawing paper for him to play with on their porch and so the playing began. zayne is such a doll. he has lots of energy, gets so excited about the bugs on the flowers, being chased around, apparently really loves water cans and keys and has a smile that will brighten anyone’s day.  we even had some down time to read of their favorite stories toward the end the shoot, the giant hug.  lots of love between these three.. so thankful that i was able to grab some candid shots of them living life in their favorite element – home.


Earthen Artisan House

fathers day minis continues

i love when things just come together.

who doesn’t love sweet little babes.. spending my morning with this sweet little doll was a beautiful way to start my day. and my afternoon was concluded with the sibling/cousin combo just below. the penny arcades in manitou bring so much life out of the little tikes and was the perfect spot for these father’s day mini sessions.

i’m so thankful that we have full days to recognize the ones that invest in us for years upon years…remember to love them on the days in between, fathers and mothers are most special. i hope all of you dads loved your big day last sunday!

father’s day minis #1

these two belong to me, proudly. i held a few mini sessions for last minute father’s day gifts on monday and these two showed up, hooray for me!

love photographing family, making them laugh and returning photos that can be used for  such a fun day like father’s day. elizabeth is especially close to my uncle mark.  daddy’s girl 100%… and luke just has the sweetest heart… love his sign.

luckily my uncle has no clue about anything social or anything about the internet more that the term “google it” so we’re in the clear for this post pre-fathers day.


little baby lauterbach is on his way…

the older i get, the more i let my friends do the finding of new friends and then i just befriend their friends.  it seems to work out so simply. i mean, if they’re friends of my best friends how can i not love them, right?

tammy and eric are great friends of my best, makeup and hair artist, mariana and when she asked me to take their maternity pictures as a gift for them i was delighted.  at the time i didnt’ realize which tammy it was but when the lauterbach name hit my inbox to arrange dates/times, i got a little bit excited.. and by a little bit i mean i emailed her back in two hot seconds expressing my joy that the shoot was for her and eric!

we had such a fun time during this shoot. lots of laughter, permanent smiles and i feel like we all left with the little idea of a new friendship being birthed – i mean in addition to Jack of course. gosh, i hope i’m right other wise this post will be a little bit embarrassing  …

baby jack’s coming soon .. can’t wait to see his adorable little self!

ps. i’m still in puerto rico and didn’t really post this.. thanks cousin lauren (lo) you’re the best free assistant i could ask for..i pay her in food.

james and tash – to be wed

these two, have my heart.

first of all, they’re gorgeous. second, they have all these funky phrases from New Zealand that i want to incorporate into my vocab so i can be as cool as they are and third, they just jive so well together.. i’ve known james almost as long as i’ve lived in colorado as he’s justin’s best friend and i had the lovely chance to meet tash a while back on a trip the four of us made to portland.  tash has moved overseas for her sweet love and i am so excited for their lives together.  their love is sacrificial, pure and joyful – all of the things love should entail.

i’m thankful to call them friends and so enjoyed my photo sesh with them… let’s be honest, i called dibs on taking their engagement photos within minutes of finding out they were engaged! congrats you two, can’t wait for your wedding.


lukey baby

awe, this little tike melts my heart. he is so stinkin’ cute!

i photographed him at my old apartment when he was a newborn, just before he and his parents moved to Germany for dad’s work… they’re overseas as daddy’s in the military… so thankful for their service.  Larissa and Luke came home for a few weeks and Larissa held out until they were back in the Springs to have Luke’s 1 year pictures taken so that I could take them.  i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i love when i am able to photograph the milestones in the same families lives. it means so much to me and i love watching the kiddo’s grow.

luke is so handsome, those blue eyes and his big cheeks.. i just can’t get enough of him! and his tongue out in the grass, tell me it isn’t the cutest. in love.

thanks larissa! xo

drum roll please………………………NOLA wedding

so i don’t believe i’ve ever posted a full blog of a wedding i’ve done, or maybe i have.. i don’t completely remember but this wedding was a must post.

i had so much fun at this wedding, i actually couldn’t believe it was over when everything wrapped up.  when your pictures start with all of the crazy activity that bourbon street has to offer how could time not fly by. as i edited these pictures i fell in love with the images where leah is so adoringly looking at her groom. she seeps love with her gaze – that sounded so cheesy it’s almost lame to leave in my blog but i can’t delete it, because it’s so true.  you can literally see her stare that she is in love the kind that belongs with “leah and fischer sittin’ in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g” should be following them around. and as far as matt (fischer) goes, he really, really enjoys his bride. she’s pretty much the only one that can make him really smile for real. matt doesn’t really like to smile for the camera even when i ask with a cherry on top you can just see it in his eyes that he’s thinking, “come on, another smile?!” but when leah turns her attention to him and whispers whatever it is that she’s whispering, he smiles.. a genuine, captivating smile that you know he means. these two have fun. they’re friends. they’re marrying their best friends and it’s so apparent. so basically, i really loved photographing their day.. not to mention it was in

NOLA – which means lots of laughter, shouting, singing, jazz bands, a parade down bourbon- 2nd line, lots of colors, people, partying, drinking and more drinking, which led to a lot of shirtless men at some point during the reception, oh and a leah AND matt being lifted up in chairs, no they’re not jewish.  what a fun time!  can’t wait to see who out does these two in terms of fun.


i spent a portion of last weekend in boston before and after shooting a wedding in plymouth, ma. there is so much history in that city!  i cannot wait to go back and explore.  my cousin lauren, who many of you know, came along with me and i’m so glad she did!  company on these trips is always more exciting.

the wedding post will come but for now here are some tidbits from boston. ps it’s Fenway’s 100th year anniversary, just walking around the stadium made me feel like i was there 50 years ago, the signs, the colors, the fame and legends that stadium has entertained is breathtaking! so neat.

mini artists

i have three siblings and when we were little (well – grown up too) we were so ornery.  at three i was handcuffed to a fence outside at 6am until my mom woke up from my screaming…we were always figuring out how to trick the next sibling that was coming through the door, my brother put a red light under his shirt and came in my room at midnight pretending to be E.T which PS was one of my largest childhood fears – that one ended in tears..  am i painting the picture clearly?  however, one of the all-time best stories involving trickery was when my older sister fed my older brother a large spoon full of mud after convincing him it was melted chocolate…  fast forward 26 years or so and i’m pretty sure that in that moment, my sister’s face looked identical to her daughters face as she began to paint her littler brother’s face.

she looks so satisfied with this decision and he looks horrified.. at least to start with. love siblings – they help make us in to who we become.

i learned during this shoot that my niece takes her painting time very seriously and you can tell how perturbed she was to have to pause for a “smile.”