little baby lauterbach is on his way…

by elanphotographie

the older i get, the more i let my friends do the finding of new friends and then i just befriend their friends.  it seems to work out so simply. i mean, if they’re friends of my best friends how can i not love them, right?

tammy and eric are great friends of my best, makeup and hair artist, mariana and when she asked me to take their maternity pictures as a gift for them i was delighted.  at the time i didnt’ realize which tammy it was but when the lauterbach name hit my inbox to arrange dates/times, i got a little bit excited.. and by a little bit i mean i emailed her back in two hot seconds expressing my joy that the shoot was for her and eric!

we had such a fun time during this shoot. lots of laughter, permanent smiles and i feel like we all left with the little idea of a new friendship being birthed – i mean in addition to Jack of course. gosh, i hope i’m right other wise this post will be a little bit embarrassing  …

baby jack’s coming soon .. can’t wait to see his adorable little self!

ps. i’m still in puerto rico and didn’t really post this.. thanks cousin lauren (lo) you’re the best free assistant i could ask for..i pay her in food.