What we’ve all been waiting for….. The BOUDOIR blog post – Precursor, scantly clad woman….

by elanphotographie

What a fabulous weekend this represented!  Lots of laughter, lots of courage (sometimes in the form of liquid) and lots of self esteem boosting.  Imagine a lot of woman with nothing to do but play dress up for the day… How fun!  I think everyone felt like they were in college again picking out clothes for each other, chatting, eating and building new friendships!  The fabulous Mariana Walters of Mariana Marie Makeup & Hair  came in from Scottsdale, Arizona and enhanced the natural beauty of all of these woman perfectly!

Another one of these fabulous events, Fall into Boudoir, is happening in October… and if you haven’t had these pictures taken or you have and you want to again, I’d love nothing more than to have you!

Thanks to all my fabulous ladies who participated, featured below or not – I loved my time with you!

All of these images have been approved by the photographed persons to be displayed on elanphotographie.wordpress.com only.