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graduating 2013

this beautiful girl is graduating next spring and i had the privilege of taking her senior photos.

she owns a quiet and tender spirit that makes me want to spend more time getting to know her. i love people who are gentle natured and their pure heart shines brilliantly on their sleeve. what a love!! i am overjoyed about the relationships that are built through my passion for photography.  i have so enjoyed her! and just look at her, she’s gorgeous!  those eyes!

you have the whole world waiting before you sweet Nadia, get after it!


one of the family

katia!!  when i met katia, i’m sure she was all of 8.. she is the neighbor of my sweet elizabeth and the best friend. when elizabeth moved in to their home with my other cousin luke and my aunt and uncle they were a family of four, fast forward a decade and they are a family of three.  katia is their third – or so we claim.

she greets you with loving hugs, remembering all of the details of the experiences you’ve shared with her.  because we, as relatives, are special to elizabeth, katia knew all of our names, ages and birthdays long before we met her.  she is a little smarty pants.. this one!  she knows all kinds of things and enlightens each of us with the her tid-bits of fact. she’s going to Columbia next summer to start her fall semester in New York City and i couldn’t be more excited for her.  her uncle graduated from Columbia and she’ll do the same, fabulously, in a few short years!

kat – you beam. your beauty radiates from the inside and we all love you.  we’re so thankful you’re one of us and i cannot wait to see where you are in ten years. i loved my time with you during your shoot, thanks for letting me document this time for you. love you girl!

cowgirls, horses and calendars

my good friends, the freemans, own a fabulous ranch out east of Colorado Springs. i use it for my boudoir backdrops on the regular because i love all of the textures, patterns and dirt there is to play in… not to mention all of the lovely animals!!

about a year ago jamie started talking to me about taking pictures for their 2013 business calendar.. and so here we are summer of 2012 and doing it!!  happy to show you just a few of the 130 shots they have to choose from for their calendar…

it was an absolute pleasure working with cassidy boyle as my hair artist and arielle rondeau for the event. if you need hair and makeup … look them up!

oh  – and one of these is for sale over at earthen artisan house in old colorado city – on metal!  so fun!  go take a peek…


elizabeth also known as e, lizzy or e-wibabif (when she was really little).

elizabeth is my spirited, full of life cousin. she’s always in for a new experience and but she loves the stability of family.  e brings joy to my heart when she walks in to a room and has her big, most beautiful smile and open arms ready to wrap around me for a warm, embracing hug. her laugh is contagious, her sense of adventure has transformed from an apprehensive one when she was young to fearless readiness in her older teenage years. she’s the girl that can buck hay and wake-board one weekend and put on a sequence dress, with her cowgirl boots the next and look stunning.  e’s beauty is timeless.

lizabeth’s family owns one of the oldest restaurants in colorado springs, placed on a ranch just off of 115. she’s been raised riding horses and loving ranch life.  while she maintains a sweet comradery with her mom, she’s always been a daddy’s girl.. and daddy has always spent lots of time around horses.  while about two and a half years ago e really dug into being involved with everything ranch and horse. her work ethic is impressive as she spends many hours a week laboring at the local stalls, she makes it a point to go love on her own horses, Sparky, Huck, Classic and Flashy and GoGirl.  She even picked up barrel racing and is competing!!!

elizabeth, your passion for whatever you do shows diligence and love. you bless those you love with your kind words, loving touch, special attention and your heart to know them.  i am so happy for our late nights, junk food eating, country music loving, dirty look giving competition, selves. i am eager to see where your next journey takes you. i love, love, love you – to the moon and back sweet girl.

congratulations on making it through high school, in one piece.


and so this sweet, special placed, love is my cousin. a first cousin. lauren was our first, first cousin of four to arrive within a two and a half year or so time span.

i adore lauren – lo – lolo – baby monkey or when she was really young, lolo-skidoski.

lo is a ball of feist. she has a spunky, rambunctious personality that is full of life. she’s wise beyond her years in specific regards and yet young enough at heart to make people of all ages laugh. her goofy expressions, her most random and unique to her phrases and beautiful smile light up the room.  she has a tender heart for those that she loves.  she’ll give it to you straight, even if you don’t really want to hear it, but it’s good. she has an honest heart that wants the best outcome for everyone.

her world is saturated in music, a good love story movie, an intriguing book and french fries. she is a girl after my own heart with her desire to see the world. oh and she’s a little smarty pants too..
lauren’s role in my life the past three years has been a special one. she has a gentle way of listening, a opinion that is her own and she maintains confidence in who she is that supersedes the usual 18 year old. she is un-wavered by that which is not her own.

although she’s 9 years younger i am forever thankful for the lord beautifully and perfectly placing lauren in my life so that i can know her and live life with her. i could talk for days of her character, her stunning beauty, her joy and who she is but just know that she’s one of a kind and you’re blessed if you get know her.

i guess i should mention that she is graduating in 2013 and these are her senior photos. i can’t wait to see what life has in store for you lolo! love you always.

pikes peak therapeutic riding center

we all have causes that we believe in. we all have different ways of plugging into our communities and they’re all important for different reasons.  i love owning my own business in the creative world because it a fabulous platform to share with you the values and organizations that are special to me!  this is one organization that i really enjoy working with and love to being involved with… the pikes peak therapeutic riding center.  i met jody enget who is the head of the operation shortly after moving to CO and she has taught me so much about how riding horses is not only so good for the soul but for the body.

PPTRC allows for people with disabilities or that just need a boost to schedule different types of therapy sessions and come ride at their center.  they have a fabulous volunteer staff that facilitates each ride so that everyone is safe and can experience the most out of their session.  you can learn more about how hippotherapy helps individuals as well as equine facilitated psychotheraphy by clicking the links.  if you love horses and sweet people and have a little extra time, contact Jody about volunteering here

Each year at the Miracles in Motion even that PPTRC supporters of the center bid on horses to sponsor for the year!  here are some head-shots of our fabulous, lovey friends I took for them a few weeks back…

 and the beautiful volunteers and staff that make it happen!!

a long overdue post and i’m engaged!!

…and it’s not even of one of my shoots!

i am so eager, thankful and pleased to announced that i’m engaged!  thanks to jerad.. my fiancé’s brother… we have these fabulous shots of justin proposing to me!

i thought we were going to dinner at one of my favorite little italian places (hence the outfit & heels) when we detoured, grabbed the best fast mexican food ever and headed up a dirt road.  suspicious but doubtful i had to wonder if justin didn’t have something tricky up his sleeve.. such as, a proposal.  after multiple stops aka stall tactics, a lot of patience on his part and impatience on mine we pulled up to this sweet little homestead that we ate lunch at the first time we spent time together.  if there is one thing you should know about me, my memory is real small sometimes… so as we were on the drive i was swearing up and down that this was the road we first went on in the jeep all the while justin taking advantage of my memory, or lack thereof, was convincing me otherwise.. as soon as i saw that little abandon homestead i knew i wasn’t crazy.  justin asked me to get out and suspecting that it was another stall tactic for whatever he had up his sleeve i didn’t think twice about it.  so after focusing very closely on my feet as i all but rolled down a steep hill i looked up and saw this fabulous dresser sitting on the little balcony of said homestead.

my eyes filled with tears as soon as i saw it.  this little dresser may have been requested to be built by yours truly about 2.5 years ago.  while strolling through an anthropologie in chicago i stumbled upon a beauty just like it… and i wanted it but we all know that dresser was every bit of $3500 from anthro and that just wasn’t happening.  upon my return i quickly supplied justin with a snapshot of the dresser as well as walnut that my grandpa had milled from the walnut trees on my great aunt’s property years prior, crossed my fingers and hoped for a dresser to appear.  he did start it but that silly thing has been sitting in the back of his woodshop for TWO YEARS people.. talk about getting my hopes up.  let me  back up even further…  in the midst of justin and my relationship he had shared with me that his dad and both older brothers proposed to their wives with jewelry boxes that they had made.  so when i saw the dresser so fabulously built, sitting there … i knew there was a shiny treat inside just waiting for me.

flustered more than anticipated and so anxious to say yes before he asked me anything justin pulled out the ring from my top drawer, dropped to one knee and with tearful eyes asked to love me until the day he dies. what a love. bonus: justin proposed to me with my gran’s wedding band since mine isn’t here just yet..

i am so anxious and so excited to marry him… and to spend the rest of my life with him. to build our sweet little family and a fabulous life in colorado.

so in the midst of a million shoots, i’m now planning an october 2012 wedding, so i apologize for my lack of posts!  wow!

denver broncos’ chris harris

last week i had the pleasure of spending the late afternoon with, chris harris, corner back for the denver broncos, and his beautiful wife leah while taking some new headshots for chris.  the newlywed couple had me cracking up throughout our session with their goofy behavior … they seem like high school sweethearts.  when we jumped in his truck to drive to the next location i noticed a christian station on the radio, which always warms my heart. chris has a kind and humble spirit about him!  before going anywhere chris and leah both jumped on twitter for a quick post…

chris is launching his new site with the help of the fabulous rebecca brown, owner of  elevate pr .. to see more images check the official site in a week or two..

make sure to follow chris on facebook and cheer on 2011/2012’s rookie of the year this broncos season … #25

abby and me and bishop’s castle

there are conspiracy theorists and there are engineers and when the two collide in one person, you get an eerily strange but really awesome structure that makes like a tree house for adults!

i’m so thankful for abby. she’s sweet, she loves the lord and i always feel refreshed after i’ve spent time with her.  abby and i decided to go play and on the way to bishop’s castle the views took our breath away. we stopped for a little photo-op along the way and had a heyday inside of the castle.  abby’s photography business, love roots photography, is blooming fabulously and what photographer doesn’t love to have a photographer friend around.

learn more about abby, her husband dan, and their sweet journey of adopting little cuties from uganda here.